We believe access to 999 is a basic human right

18,000 callers each year require emergency help, but are unable to use speech during a 999 call.

There are many reasons you may be unable to speak on a 999 call. You’re Deaf or Hard of Hearing or non-verbal. Your speech is affected by stroke or diabetic attack. You don’t want to alert an attacker. Your airways are blocked due to asthma, choking or allergic reaction.


Our Story

TapSOS was founded in 2016 by Becca Hume, a Multidisciplinary Design MA graduate with a passion for inclusive tech. Conversations with a Deaf colleague made her realise that people who can’t speak on the phone don’t have the same access to 999 as those who can.

As well as the Deaf community, she thought of those who might not be able to speak due to a medical crisis, such as a heart attack, stroke, or diabetic attack. What if someone was with an attacker, kidnapper or abuser, and was unable to safely make a phonecall? How could someone with an airway obstruction call for help?

TapSOS’s graphics and simple text can help non-native English speakers communicate with emergency services.

Anyone at any time could find themselves unable to make a phonecall during an emergency. Becca created a free app that solves this problem. With a few taps, the TapSOS app allows users to report an emergency and get help.

Our emergency app includes a detailed medical profile, GPS location tracking and access to the UK’s Police, Ambulance, Fire & Rescue and Coastguard services. Integrated with BT, TapSOS helps 999 call handlers access the information they need to send the right help as quickly as possible.

TapSOS is the first accredited 999 app with access to all four UK emergency services, and can be used anywhere in the UK.  The app is accredited by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and by the British Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (BAPCO), the UK’s leading association for Public Safety technology.

Our innovative tech has been recognised with a number of awards, including ‘Best Use of Advanced Technology’ at the International Critical Communications Award, Madrid, the HealthTech Innovation of the Year, Digital Leaders, London and the ADS Security and Innovation Award at the Security & Policing, London. We also successfully pitched to Virgin Media Business, winning funding and a meeting with Richard Branson.

At TapSOS, we envision a world where people feel safe and protected. We’re working towards a future where technological innovation helps our homes, communities and streets to be safer for everyone.

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In a world where time is everything, a better emergency response can often mean the difference between life and death


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