Can I use TapSOS?

TapSOS is available for anyone to use. The app will be particularly useful for those who are unable to speak on the telephone and simplifies the process for those that wish to text Emergency Services, TapSOS is completely non–verbal.

Getting Started

Where do I get TapSOS?

TapSOS is available to download from Google Play Store, or Apple’s App Store.

Will a Blackberry or Windows Phone work with TapSOS?

TapSOS isn’t currently supported on Blackberry and Windows Phones and we’ve no current plans to release these versions of the app.


How much does it cost?

Since 26th June 2021 TapSOS is available to download and use for free. 

To help keep this possible, we ask you to share the app with friends and family, and give us a review and rating on the app stores. This will help with visibility, ultimately helping to safe more lives. 

Is there a charge for contacting 999 via TapSOS?

Please check with your mobile provider – normally texts to 999 are free

How do I get set up?

Once you have downloaded the app, TapSOS will ask you to “Sign Up”. You will need to create a username and password that you will use later in the app to access your personal information. 

During Sign Up, you will also need to give your name, email address and the phone number of the smartphone you are using. 

You will then be instructed to register with the BT eSMS text service from within the app.

Upon completion of these stages you will be ready to use TapSOS.

I’m trying to install and /or register but am struggling, is there help available?

Please email us at for more assistance. 

Using TapSOS

Why do I need a profile?

One of the first steps required to have an account with TapSOS is to create a profile. We use your account information and your profile to: 

1. Set up, manage and administer your account and your profile. 

2. Log you into the app. 

3. Allow you to use all the features of the app that are available to you. 

4. Verify your identity and monitor account set–up. 

5. Pass your details on to the 999 service when you create an alert so that 999 can deal with the alert appropriately 

6. Ensure that your account, your profile and your personal data are kept secure. 

7. We use your telephone number to register you with BT’s EmergencySMS service. This is required to enable you to use TapSOS. 

Some of my details have changed.

You can change or update your personal details at any time by logging into your profile section and making adjustments. 

What if I lose my phone or it is stolen?

You can report your phone stolen to us by contacting and we can temporarily suspend your account. Your personal information, however, even without suspending the account will be secure and at little risk as this is all stored within your profile which is username/ email and password protected. 

What are the consequences of a false alert?

Misuse of the app, or repeated hoax alerts will be monitored by 999, and could result in prosecution. You may also be banned or blocked from using TapSOS. 

What if I need more than one Emergency Service?

When you activate an alert from TapSOS you select which service you feel you need. Emergency Call handlers will then make the decision on your behalf if they feel assistance from another services may be better suited, or in addition to the service selected. 

Why do you need to know my location?

Your location is used to identify your whereabouts during an Emergency situation to inform Emergency Response teams. 

Why do you need my email address?

If at anytime you forget your password you can email us at and we will email you instructions how to reset/create a new password.

I can’t log in using my details

Please double check you are entering your password correctly, and if you have forgotten your password you can reset by selecting “Forgotten your password?” for further assistance please email

I can’t remember my password

You can reset by selecting “Forgotten your password?” for further assistance please email

Why do you need to know my gender?

Medical treatment during an Emergency response may vary depending on your birth gender i.e medication dosages. There is the option “prefer not to say,” however it is in your best interest we ask this question and indicating if you are male or female will assist in giving you the best care and response. 

How does it work? (creating an alert)

Using icons TapSOS allows you to communicate: 

1. The service you require 

2. The nature of your emergency is 

3. Share your location 

4. Help the Emergency Services by responding to a few 999 standard protocol questions. 

What actually happens when I complete and submit an alert?

Depending on your selection of icons and responses to questions, TapSOS creates an SMS on your behalf to forward to the Emergency Services. This will then be handled by a 999 call handler and the appropriate response will be given, based on  their decision. The Emergency Services may want to follow up with you, or ask additional questions – these will be made through SMS and be sent to your device. 

Why should I use TapSOS?

TapSOS is a non– verbal method of contacting Emergency Services, without speech. 

When should I use TapSOS?

TapSOS should only be used in an Emergency, to request an Emergency response. If you do not need an Ambulance, Police assistance, Fire & Rescue or Coastguard you should not make an Emergency Alert. 

What happens to my data?

Your data is handled and stored in a manner fully compliant with the 2018 GDPR guidelines as monitored by the ICO under the relevant Data Protection Laws. For information on your profile data please view “Why do I need a profile.” 

We do not sell your data to 3rd parties. 

If you have any further queries please email

What happens if I get a new phone?

If you change your phone, you can download the app on the new device and sign in/ log in to your already registered account – but please update the mobile number, if this has changed, within your profile. 

What happens if I press “Call 999”?

This will connect you to a BT 999 call handler via the standard 999 voice call route. It will no longer be connnected to the TapSOS app.  

NOTE: It is an offence to make false or bogus calls to 999 and you may be prosecuted by the relevant authorities.


My app keeps crashing, what should I do?

Contact us at and in the event of an emergency you should use existing alternative options currently available until the issue with the App is resolved.

I can’t save my profile information?

Firstly, check your wifi / 4G Data connection as this may affect the speed of loading a profile. If problems persist or further arise, please contact and we will assist. 

How do I know if it is working?

Once you make an alert an SMS will be created and sent. If you are an Android user, this is sent automatically. If you are an apple iPhone user, you will see this SMS and be required to select send within the SMS in the normal way. 

Successful sent message(s) will also be in your phones SMS folder with the receiving number “999

What happens if I have no signal?

Service depends on your mobile Operator Network. TapSOS will only work when signal is available.

Do I need a 4g service to use the app?

No – minimum requirement is 2G

TapSOS can’t find my location within the app

If your location looks incorrect, you can manually add your location by selecting “Change” within the location screen. 

About TapSOS

What does TapSOS do?

TapSOS is a smartphone app for communicating with the Emergency Services in a non–verbal way. It connects you to Emergency Call handlers to assist with your alert. All TapSOS alerts are handled in exactly the same manner ascurrent EmergencySMS alerts. However, TapSOS will be able to provide much greater detail to the Call Handlers automatically.

How and why was TapSOS developed?

TapSOS was developed after observing the need for better access to Emergency Services for those unable to vocally call 999. TapSOS has been developed to make use of digital technology, to enhance a users experience when making an alert. We want to provide a more inclusive and accessible method for contacting Emergency Services during stressful situations, for all.

Who are the founders?

Becca Hume is the TapSOS founder. Becca identified the need for better access to Emergency Services through her friendships within the Deaf community. This sparked the realisation that a better method must be available for anyone who finds themselves in a situation where they are unable to verbally communicate and ask for help and the most important and critical times of their lives. 

Can I invest in TapSOS?

If you would like to contact us about investing in TapSOS please email 

Contact Us

How do I contact you?

For technical assistance please email, for enquiries about your data please email, for general enquires email You can also telephone 0800 999 1121.

I’d like to speak with someone on the phone.

You can telephone us on 0800 999 1121

How do press/media contact you?

You can email us at